What Can Companies Do With Iron and Steel Waste?

What Can Companies Do With Iron And Steel Waste
What can companies do with iron and steel waste? Image credit: Adobe Stock.

Iron and steel are two of the most popular metals in the U.S. Keeping up with the demand for iron and steel products is strenuous and can produce a lot of waste. Some of this waste is scrap metal, which has potential uses. But a lot of this waste has no additional use, such as dust, mill scale, and grease. What can companies do with these different types of iron and steel waste to stay on top of production? You can read about several options below.


As we mentioned above, scrap metal has multiple potential uses. While it is waste in that it does not contribute to your current metalworks project, iron and steel are infinitely recyclable. That means that your company can melt down and reuse scrap metal as often as you need to. Scrap metal can contribute to various projects, from constructing cars and planes to making cans. If your company doesn’t have the means to recycle it, then you can find another company that can. Sometimes you can even sell scrap metal, but other times companies expect to receive the metal for free.

Follow Guidelines for Hazardous Waste

Scrap metal isn’t the only waste that comes from iron and steel production. Dust, mill scale, grease, and more all come from metalworks productions. Iron and steel production waste fall on the K-List, which is one of the four types of listed waste. The government considers these listed wastes hazardous, which means you can’t dispose of them as you would non-hazardous waste.

Contact Professional Waste Management for Solutions

Most industrial companies cannot dispose of hazardous waste properly. They do not have the proper training or equipment. If you are one of these companies, then you should contact professional waste management services. Some waste management services can help you recycle your scrap metal and safely dispose of your hazardous waste. Other companies can only provide one of these services. Research local waste management companies to discover what options are available for your company in your area.

Companies have two options for disposing of iron and steel waste: recycling or disposal. Scrap metal is recyclable, while other production waste is not and requires specific disposal methods. Partnering with other companies to find the best use of scrap metal and to safely dispose of hazardous waste is the best way to care for your company, your employees, and the environment.

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